Drug Treatment

If you are considering drug treatment, you will find a variety of programs and methodologies available, but the underlying goal of any program is to help you beat addiction and return to society as a productive, confident individual. With such an abundance of programs available, you may feel overwhelmed and not sure how to determine which program is best for your situation.  The first thing to consider is that in most cases, the most effective treatment is found in a residential, long-term facility.  In a residential rehab, you are safely away from the negative environment where drugs are readily available. Here, you are treated with respect and compassion as you progress through the program, and can relax in comfortable surroundings

Treatment Program Objectives

Drug Treatment Objectives
There are three specific objectives of a treatment program:

  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Relapse prevention

Detoxification (detox) is usually conducted in a hospital or residential facility to address the physical aspect of addiction.  Medications can be administered to minimize uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and 24-hour monitoring by addiction specialists will ensure that your detox process is safe and effective. Without effective detox, the chance of lasting recovery is not possible because the toxins and residues left behind by the drugs being abused will continue causing cravings.  These cravings will interfere with the individual’s ability to focus on a rehab program, and repeated relapse is usually the norm.  Detox is the most crucial aspect of recovery and for this reason, many facilities offer detoxification on site.  In most treatment facilities, an addict will not be admitted into the program unless they have completed detox.

Rehabilitation is the next phase of addiction treatment.  During drug rehab you will focus on the psychological aspects of addiction.  This aspect of drug treatment can be conducted on an outpatient, inpatient or residential basis, but studies show that the longer you remain in treatment; the chances of successful recovery are greatly increased. Rehab is composed of a variety of program options designed to improve self-esteem and teach clients more effective skills and methods for dealing with daily life without the need for mind-altering substances.

During the rehabilitation portion of drug treatment, you will participate in group or individual counseling sessions, Moral Reconation therapy, life-skills training, and family support programs. Counseling is the most important aspect of rehab because the sessions are conducted with the intention of helping clients discover the root cause of their drug abuse and to understand the emotional, environmental and physical issues that played a role. Each aspect of our program is designed to help you learn how to recognize and avoid situations that might have contributed to the addiction.

Relapse prevention is an important aspect of drug treatment that provides continuing support as you attempt to resume life outside the program as a drug-free individual.  This level of continued support combined with the education, skills and confidence you gained during rehab will increase your chances of continued abstinence.

Other Aspects of Drug Treatment

There are many other aspects of drug treatment that can be incorporated into an individually designed program based on your specific needs.  You might be interested in a holistic or faith-based approach to therapy, or a program that offers accommodations for gender, age, physical health or sexual orientation. The holistic approach offers clients the option of an all-natural treatment process that utilizes nutrition, vitamin therapy, exercise, sauna and a variety of activities or classes aimed toward restoring physical health while also strengthening emotional and spiritual well-being. The faith-based approach allows clients to incorporate and draw strength through their religious beliefs with prayer sessions, Bible studies, weekly church services and counseling sessions with ordained ministers.  There are also options for traditional treatment methods, Indigenous or Native American programs that give clients a range of choices for their treatment program.

Regardless of the challenges of your unique situation, there is a drug treatment program that can provide the exact level of care you require.

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