Sex Addiction

Sex addiction effectsHaving constant sexual urges, behaviors, and thoughts is known as effects of sex addiction. This addiction is very serious and impacts millions of people’s lives around the world today. These individuals rely on physical contact with partners daily and if they cannot receive physical contact, they will find other means to appease their sexual urges. Addiction to sex causes a person to only have desires to be physically intimate with a person without the option of long-term relationships, and they may not excel in  life due to their addiction.  Sadly, some sex addicts have even used young children and the elderly to relieve their sexual urges.

Effects of Addiction to Sex

As with other addictions, sex addiction has many effects on a person including financial, emotional, and physical.

Financial effects:

•  Loss of job due to sexual harassment
•  Spending excessive amounts of money to obtain sexual intercourse
•  Paying for Internet porn, television porn, and DVD porn repeatedly

Emotional effects:

•  Depression
•  Confusion
•  Moral distortion
•  Social rejection
•  Loss of self-respect

Physical effects:

•  Contracting an STD (sexually transmitted disease)
•  Immune system weakens
•  Lowered serotonin levels
•  Unplanned pregnancies

Getting Help Before It’s Too Late

Compulsive sexual behavior causes people to suffer broken relationships, and over time this sex addiction could completely destroy the individual’s life. Whether death comes from an infection or disease they obtained, or because they feel they cannot go on living this way; when a sex addict hits rock bottom, suicide or needless death is possible.

To get help for your sex addiction, contact one of our professionals today.

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