Affordable Drug Rehabilitation

Affordable Drug Rehabilitation TreatmentAffordable drug rehabilitation is making it possible today for many addicts to get the help they need.  It is no longer necessary for someone to feel that they can’t afford to get treatment due to financial problems. Hundreds of rehabilitation centers do everything they can to ensure that an individual doesn’t continue to struggle with the dangerous effects of addiction.  With these types of programs available, everyone can find a payment option that works for their situation. There are a variety of options created for affordable rehabilitation with options such as sliding scale plans, insurance options or monthly payment plans.

Payment Options for Affordable Rehab

The need for affordable drug rehabilitation is due in part to the fact that many addicts are from low-income areas of town and these families can’t afford the best addiction treatment programs.  Most of them are living day-to-day, paycheck to paycheck, with little or no insurance to help with the cost of treatment.  Other reasons are attributed to the fact that most addicts have lost their jobs due to the addiction and have no money to pay for treatment. Far too many of these addicts have become just another statistic in the daily tally of overdoses or deaths due to drugs.  The goal of affordable rehab is to provide quality treatment to these individuals and restore them to being productive members of society once again.

Some of the options available for those who need affordable rehab include:

  • Monthly payment plans are based on the individual’s financial status, credit history, and their ability to make payments. The addict can enter the treatment program and once it is completed, he or she will pay monthly payments for their treatment. This eliminates the problem of stress about money while undergoing rehabilitation.
  • The sliding scale option is one of the most favored because it is based on a percentage of the individual’s income.  This can be a huge relief for someone who is in a low income bracket, but their addiction is severe enough to require some of the more expensive rehab programs.  It is also helpful to families of addicts because they are already under financial distress due to legal fees or other costs related to their loved one’s addiction.
  • The insurance option varies depending on the insurance company and the policy benefits, but many of them pay a percentage of the costs for addiction treatment.  This can significantly bring down the cost of care and allows the addict to be a little more selective in choosing a quality treatment program.

Get Affordable Drug Rehabilitation Help Today

Affordable or low-cost addiction treatment does not mean it is low-quality treatment.  The important thing is to not let financial issues prevent you from entering a program today. To get started in a drug rehabilitation center of your choice, call now and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you have about the programs or the costs.

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