Chronic Pain and Addiction

The chronic pain and addiction that many people experience will have a lot of the same symptoms, and this makes them  feel alone and helpless. This is a difficult position for anyone experiencing chronic pain and addiction to be in, because they feel that they have to have something to relieve the pain, but also know that they are taking too much and it is beginning to be a problem that might lead to drug addiction.

Chronic Pain and Addiction Side-Effects

People with chronic pain and addiction cannot perform their jobs and miss numerous days from work each year.  With the overwhelming number of individuals that suffer from chronic pain, one out of every four will end up addicted to the pain medication they have been prescribed.

When issues of chronic pain are discussed you will find that the numbers of  people dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis are growing  larger, and this causes an increase in the number of addictions to these drugs.  Chronic pain and addiction to pain medication is becoming one of the hardest addictions to recover from.  This addiction is so troubling because the person addicted started their addiction to control the unbearable pain they were experiencing.  That is why it is so important to keep your medications under control and let your physician know just how much you are taking.

The Main Areas of Concerns

Chronic Pain and Addiction Side EffectsThe topic of chronic pain and addiction has raised many areas of concern, with some of them being:

  • Do pain medications cause addiction?
  • Do individuals complain about pain just to get medication?
  • Should physicians be using more alternatives to pain medications?
  • Is an individual’s pain real or just an addiction?

Often, it is difficult  to determine whether a someone is actually suffering from real pain, or if they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  Most prescription painkillers are opiate-based and one of the many withdrawal symptoms is joint pain and muscle aches.  Depending on how long the individual has been using the painkillers, these symptoms can be quite severe, forcing them to take more of drug.  This is how addiction begins, and prolonged use can become life-threatening.  Professional treatment is the best solution for anyone who has developed an addiction to painkillers.

The real line between chronic pain and drug or alcohol addiction is thin.  Many individuals have crossed over from chronic pain to addiction without even knowing that they were doing it.  There is help for the individual that has stepped over the line and is now on the addiction path.  If you need help for addiction, please get it today, this is a very serious problem.

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