Drug Rehab and Men

Men in need of drug rehabDrug rehab and men is a different scenario from drug rehab and women. We all know that men and women are different in many ways and those differences are also evident in the way they handle drug and alcohol rehab.  While many things about addiction are the same for both genders, women tend to be more emotionally led than men. The good news is that there are now drug rehab facilities that have programs that cater to the basic differences between men and women. No one will have to endure a program that fails to touch on sensitive issues that are gender specific, and this will provide a more effective, lasting recovery experience for the individual.

Drug Rehab Common Issues

Men are generally raised with the beliefs that men do not cry; they are tough and can handle anything.  They are taught that they should not ask for help with anything, that they are natural born leaders, and for this reason they should be in control of the situation at all times.  Obviously, if there is an addiction, there is a loss of control and they will need help to recover and live a normal life again. This loss of control over their own lives can cause men to become severely depressed, angry or suicidal.  When these strong emotions are combined with drug or alcohol abuse, the addiction becomes even more advanced. The best option for someone with these combined problems is a residential treatment program designed to treat each contributing factor simultaneously for the best chance of lasting recovery.

Treatment programs differ from the rehab for women.  This is another reason the individualized treatment plans work so well.  For men, discovering and learning about themselves goes against every value that they were raised with.  The therapy involved in addiction recovery involves discussing and dealing with feelings, emotions, and thoughts.  For many men, this also means reshaping their values and reevaluating who they are.  Learning another way to view themselves is just one of the many things that will be covered in the group, individual, and behavioral therapies that are needed for healing. Group counseling sessions are beneficial for men because it helps them interact with other men who are going through the same difficulties and to realize they aren’t the only one who has trouble expressing deep feelings.  For those who absolutely cannot open up in a group setting, individual counseling is also highly effective.

Drug Rehab and Men Treatment Programs

Healing the damage done to the mind, body, and spirit by addiction is extremely important for an addict.  Addiction has many traumatic effects on a person’s life.  Choosing the drug rehab and men treatment program that is right for you and your addiction is one of the most critical decisions you will ever make in your life.  If you or a loved one are suffering from abuse and addiction, we are here to help.  Making the choice to seek treatment can lead to a better life. Call us today. There are multiple drug rehab and men treatment programs, so help is always there.

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