Effects Of Drugs In Pregnancy

Dangerous Effects Of Drugs In PregnancyThe effects of drugs in pregnancy may have temporary to even permanent effects on the fetus. The drugs that act during the development  of the fetus in order to produce an alteration of function or form is called a teratogen.

Many physicians would prefer not to prescribe medication for women who are pregnant, are nursing, or may become pregnant, because the major concern over teratogenicity of the drugs. Those who suffer from diabetes mellitus during pregnancy may require insulin to prevent complications to mother and baby. All women have a 3% to 5% chance of having a baby with a birth defect with every pregnancy.

Problems Resulting From Using Drugs During Pregnancy

During pregnancy it is very import to avoid some things that can harm your developing baby. There are health experts who are not able to tell you an  amount of alcohol that is safe for you during your pregnancy. There may be some harm that can occur to your baby even when exposed to small amounts of alcohol, but when you drink much more alcohol the risks are higher. It is best to avoid drinking alcohol during your pregnancy. It is best not to smoke during pregnancy.

During pregnancy women who smoke are twice as likely, or more, to have a miscarriage as non-smokers. Also, their baby won’t grow as well as those babies who are not exposed to smoke before they are born. Smoking can also cause your baby to weigh less at birth.

Prenatal death happens more often, and babies have more breathing problems. These are some problems that have been found to be caused by smoking. Caffeine may make it more difficult to become pregnant, and high levels may cause miscarriage more likely.

The effects of drugs and alcohol during pregnancy extend pass troubles of birth complications and other problems during infancy. These effects can go on to impact the child later on in life to inflict cognitive problems, behavioral problems and many others.

Knowing The Effects Of Drugs In Pregnancy

It is important to know and understand the effects of drugs in pregnancy to avoid causing serious harm to the unborn baby or yourself. If you or someone you love is pregnant and cannot abstain drug use due to uncontrollable urges and withdrawal symptoms, our specialists are here to help.

We can help connect someone struggling with addiction to a program that will provide a safe environment for healing, along with giving the client all the tools necessary to overcome the addiction that is plaguing their life.

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