Financial Toll Of Meth Addiction

The Financial Toll Of Meth AddictionThe financial toll of meth addiction can be one of the biggest problems for someone with a meth problem. Usually, people who have meth addiction problems also suffer from poverty. Because of this meth addicts turn to things such as prostitution as a way to pay for their addiction without the constraints of the workplace. Also, most meth addicts become homeless after months of addiction problems, and they sometimes do not eat for days because they only have enough money to fuel their meth addiction. The financial toll of meth addiction is severe sufficient to cause a person to die because of lack of food, shelter, and clothing.

Effects Meth Addiction

Also, when a person has a meth addiction they usually can not afford proper things for their hygiene. They suffer from tooth decay, hair loss, and disease which all can lead to death or severe health problems all because they chose to pay for their addiction other than their necessities for life. This is just another way of the showing the financial toll of meth addiction.

Everyday Financial Toll Of Meth Addiction

Every day in America people is dying because they have not made the commitment to recover from meth addiction. The financial toll alone is enough to kill someone in the spirit and reality. If you or someone you care for is addicted to meth or is trying meth, learn about how much a financial toll you face when choosing to use meth. Learning about this addiction is something that needs to be done to defeat it. Your first step in meth addiction recovery and financial stability over meth addiction is by learning, now that you have done that you need to take the next step by entering into meth addiction rehab. Call today to take your next step in meth addiction recovery and making the change towards financial freedom over meth addiction.

Methamphetamine Effects

Methamphetamine has its origins in World War II, where the increased alertness and energy of the drug assisted soldiers in the field to be as efficient and high functioning as possible. After the war had ended, excess stockpiles of the drug were distributed across the globe, beginning what is now realized to be a very dangerous and life-limiting addiction.

Methamphetamine activates the psychological reward system, creating a sensation of euphoria that the brain quickly becomes addicted to. Enhancing concentration and thinking, self-esteem, and the euphoric feeling mirrored by endorphins, the drug provides a false sense of security when facing a dangerous situation. One instance of a couple’s first use of the drug resulted in death when they hallucinated they were being chased and believed that they could outrun the assailant. Unfortunately, they ventured out in subzero temperatures with no protective clothing, sure they could get through it, but inadvertently and tragically froze to death before they could be reached.

There are also significantly adverse physical effects that arise from continuous usage. Methamphetamine attacks the jawbone and results in lost and rotting teeth, as well as a sunken appearance of the chin, and the damage is often irreversible. Since the drug creates the sensation of things crawling beneath or on the skin, the addict will often pick and scratch their skin until open sores develop. Perhaps the most detrimental of the physical system is to the cardiovascular system from chronic hypertension and strain on the heart as a result of the use of meth.

The drug can induce schizophrenia, some cases of which may not resolve. Others may last months until the agent has cleared the system.

When it comes to meth, the best policy is, not surprisingly, to not use it. Since it is highly addictive, one use can cause addiction.

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