Methamphetamine Effects on the Body

Methamphetamine not only affects a person’s internal health, it also affects their outside appearance and how they are viewed by the world. This drug is the only drug that causes a person’s physical appearance to be affected as much as their internal well-being.

Negative Meth Effects on the Body

The Methamphetamine Effects on the BodyMethamphetamine effects on the body begin when the drug ruins a person’s smile. The addict’s teeth  begin to rot leaving them with the inability to chew food properly. Although rotten teeth may sound like the worst problem that the addict will be facing, it is not. Methamphetamine addicts also have problems such as sagging, aged skin that is very common even among the younger groups of addicts. They also have to deal with sunken eyes, hair loss, weight issues, and loss of appetite to the point of anorexia. Most of these problems come from poor hygiene and lack of nutrition, but they are all dangerous to a person’s health and life.

Other more dangerous effects of meth are not visible, but can cause permanent damage to the individual’s brain, leaving them to suffer a lifetime of impaired memory and poor cognitive skills.  Meth causes the brain to stop producing dopamine, and this affects the person’s ability to experience pleasure naturally and to suffer from chronic depression. Over time, continued meth abuse can lead to psychotic behavior, aggression, paranoia, insomnia, delusions and hallucinations.  This type of suffering is not something anyone would choose to go through, but one hit of meth can be all it takes to send a person into a living hell.

Meth also damages the tissues and blood vessels in the body, hindering its ability to heal itself. Therefore, any skin conditions such as acne, or any injuries to the body will take longer to heal. Many meth addicts have sores all over their body because they hallucinate that bugs are crawling all over them and they pick at their skin trying to get rid of the bugs. These sores can take a long time to heal and can become infected.

In addition to the above, meth also causes increased libido, and this along with impaired decision-making, will lead to the chance of sexually transmitted disease.  The irony of the increased libido is that while meth makes the person have more stamina and desire for sex, they are becoming more physically unattractive and unable to actually perform. Some meth addicts actually lose interest in sex completely.

The Worst Methamphetamine Effects on the Body is an Early Death

Methamphetamine effects on the body can cause death if a person lets their addiction go too far. Most of the effects on the body are not reversible.  The only way to fully recover from some of these effects is by extensive corrective surgeries. If you have a meth addiction, and the physical effects have not yet taken hold, contact our specialists now so that you can fight back before you cause yourself lifelong, visible damage for the rest of the world to see.

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