Short-Term Methamphetamine Effects

Short-term methamphetamine effects are usually not as painful as the long-term effects. As soon as the user puts methamphetamine into their body they experience an intense sensation called a “rush” or “flash” that typically lasts only a few minutes and is described as extreme pleasure. Once the user has passed this stage in their high, other short-term  effects begin. The user  feels as if they can do anything. They often stay up for hours and hours cleaning or working to stay occupied. Decreased appetite, irritability, aggression, anxiety, nervousness, and headaches are all also common short-term methamphetamine effects.

Meth effectsNot only is methamphetamine dangerous to the user, millions of innocent people are affected physically when meth labs are established in neighborhoods throughout the nation.  A meth lab can exist in a basement, garage, kitchen, bathroom or any area where “cooking” procedures can be done. The toxic chemicals used to produce meth are a hazard to anyone coming in contact with them, and in many cases, these labs have exploded, wreaking devastation over a large area instantly.  Someone that has been in the vicinity of these labs can experience respiratory problems and many other health issues from breathing the toxic fumes.  Law enforcement personnel are often subjected to these dangers when they investigate meth labs.  The buildings that house the meth labs can remain contaminated for years, because the chemicals are absorbed into the walls, ceilings and floors. There are professional companies that are equipped and knowledgeable in methods for cleaning a meth lab, but there is no guarantee that they are completely safe for someone to reside in. In today’s world, innocent people can suffer the effects of drugs without ever having touched them.

Some Short-Term Methamphetamine Effects

Once the user begins coming off of their high is when their abuse goes wrong. When someone uses methamphetamine, they usually are not too concerned about the effects they will have to deal with. Methamphetamine withdrawal is one of the main reasons users become addicts. They never want to experience what it feels like to come down from a high.

Some short-term methamphetamine effects that a person will have to deal with while coming off of their high include headaches, convulsions, seizures, vomiting, chills, extreme agitation and anger, and self injury. The pain can sometimes be too much for anyone to handle. Therefore, even after using the first time, the person begins a journey of addiction that they will always have to fight against.

The method of ingestion determines the type of high the user experiences, but whether smoked, snorted, injected or taken orally, the user will want to continue the high.  Repeated use leads to addiction and a wide range of health problems such as increased heart-rate, high blood pressure, strokes and many more.  Tolerance to meth increases rapidly, resulting in many overdoses and deaths.

Getting Help form Methamphetamine

If you are thinking of using methamphetamine because of the short-term methamphetamine effects, consider the side effects that you will have to face once you are coming off of the high. These side effects will cause you to use all the time, and make you want to never become sober. Eventually, you will lose a great deal of weight, your teeth could rot and fall out, your skin will become wrinkled and saggy, and your memory and cognitive skills will diminish.  This is not the physical condition  anyone would choose to live in, but it is what becomes of a meth addict.

For more information on methamphetamine addiction and treatment programs, contact our specialists for answers to any questions you might have, and if you are in need of addiction help, the staff can guide you to the best rehab for your methamphetamine addiction. Call today to get help if you are experiencing the short-term meth effects.

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