What Are the 10 Most Addictive Legal Drugs Being Marketed Today?

What Are the 10 Most Addictive Legal Drugs Being Marketed Today? The body is a very addictive organism. It starts to obtain a particular substance or become used to releasing a specific chemical inside of the body which develops a dependency. Once the body has this dependency, it becomes incredibly difficult for the body to break it, as the body starts to crave it when these specific chemicals are no longer being released into the body. This is exactly why going through a detox process can be extremely difficult, as the body starts to backlash against itself for no longer having the dependent chemical and drug. There are many different causes behind this sort of addiction, and it is possible for the human mind and body to become addicted to all sorts of different objects. While many are illegal, some of the most habit-inducing and addictive drugs on the market today are actually completely legal.

This is a list of the top 10 most addictive legal drugs currently sold:

1. Nicotine

The drug found in cigarettes – around one-third of the people who smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco or ingest nicotine in some shape or form become addicted to it. This is why it is so difficult for people to quit smoking. The body becomes connected to the drug and quitting this dependency is extremely hard, especially for long-time smokers or users who have been using the drug for a long period of time.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is, along with nicotine, one of the most widely used drugs currently for sale on the market today. Alcohol consumption often is connected with depression and other problems, as it is a depressant. It slows down motor skills and prevents proper mental processing, which many people end up enjoying. However, this can develop a dependency, which again is difficult to break free of.

3. OxyContin

This is a drug that is prescribed in order to help relieve moderate to severe pain. It can produce a feeling of euphoria, which makes it extremely desirable. In fact, most people who use OxyContin actually are not prescribed the drug. It can fetch large amounts of money for people who are prescribed the drug, but would rather sell it than take the medication themselves. It is one of several painkillers that can become extremely addictive and habit-forming for those who use it.

4. Seconal

This is a medication prescribed in order to treat anxiety and to help improve sleep for those who struggle with sleep disorders. This is also one of the most potent drugs, and many doctors are not going to prescribe the drug more than once. It basically is used as a short-term fix for anxiety that has come on due to certain variables in a person’s life that are likely to change in the coming future, but the person needs immediate relief for the time being.

5. Morphine

This is another painkiller that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Like OxyContin, it can be extremely addictive and is one of the more commonly abused prescription drugs on the market today.

6. Fentanyl

This is another painkiller, only it is up to 100 times more powerful than morphine. This is a drug that is prescribed to people who live with chronic, severe pain, but it can become deadly if abused.

7. Valium

This is another drug that is used to treat anxiety. It also helps as a sleep aid. It is one of the oldest drugs (outside of nicotine, alcohol and caffeine) on this list.

8. Adderall

This is a drug that allows people to stay awake for long periods of time. It also improves focus. Due to this, it is a drug that has been used and abused by a large number of individuals, ranging from students to truck drivers and athletes as well. It is one of the more popular drugs that is used throughout the country.

9. Ritalin

This is a drug that is commonly prescribed for individuals who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD. The medication works in the same method as cocaine though cocaine was only banned from legal use less than 100 years ago. For those who take it recreationally, it is usually crushed up and snorted, as it delivers the effects faster.

10. Caffeine

This is an addictive drug that is also probably the most common out of all on the list. While the side effects are not life-threatening, many people can go through caffeine withdrawal problems, such as extreme headaches and other problems when they do not receive their daily caffeine. Caffeine can also be found in many different locations, with coffee being the delivery method of choice.

What Are the 10 Most Addictive Legal Drugs Being Marketed Today? The body is a very addictive organism. It starts to obtain a particular substance or become used to releasing a More information about addictive legal drugs and treatment for addiction can be obtained by calling the number provided above.

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