10 Common Drug Rehab Misconceptions

When someone is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they may not be clear-headed enough to seek help from friends, family or professionals. It’s hard to admit that you have a problem, and this is true especially when admitting you have a problem means putting your entire life on hold to go into drug rehab. But even if addicts do have a moment of clarity, it often occurs that they and their families have basic misconceptions about what drug rehab entails. This is truly unfortunate because rehabilitation can save people from a lifetime of pain and suffering caused by drugs and alcohol. The following list entails 10 common drug rehab misconceptions and why you should rethink them.

Myth 1: You’ll lose your job if you go into treatment.

In fact, the truth is actually the opposite many times. Often, to keep your job, you absolutely must enter rehab. Most employers know that allowing an employee to go to rehab to get better is an investment, and they’ll want to support you.

Myth 2: You won’t be allowed to see your family if you go into rehab.

Again, the truth is actually the opposite of this statement. Most statistics show that families and friends who participate in recovery alongside the patient tend to help the patient do better. You will be encouraged to see your family and loved ones.

Myth 3: Religion will be forced on you.

Religion may be supported at certain rehab centers, but it will not be forced upon you. The reason that religion is a part of treatment at all is because many addicts’ recovery is based on their belief of a higher power. Each rehab facility takes a different approach, so if you choose not to enter a center that preaches a certain religion, you can always find an alternative.

Myth 4: You will immediately have to go “cold turkey.”

This is not true. Rehab centers base themselves on science and medicine. You will be evaluated by a team of doctors before you actually undergo detox and rehab.

Myth 5: Rehab is too expensive.

It is true that rehab can be pricey, but you must remember that you have options. Often, insurance pays for most of rehab. You can also take out bank loans, private loans or loans from friends or family members. Remember, rehab means getting your life back, and that’s worth it.

Myth 6: If you admit you have a problem, you have to participate in inpatient treatment only.

When you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you have options. Most people can choose between inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Myth 7: You have to hit rock bottom before you can seek treatment.

Most doctors and professionals hope you don’t think this. You can seek treatment for addiction as soon as you feel any inkling of a problem.

Myth 8: You will be treated badly and forced to do things in treatment.

Drug rehab is a place for getting better, and as such, it is a place of support, care and learning. You will not be treated like a second-class citizen at rehab. You will be cared for and respected.

Myth 9: You will be coddled in rehab.

Don’t write off rehab as a daycare. You will not be coddled there. You need to learn things in recovery, and your days and weeks will be scheduled and structured.

Myth 10: After rehab, you will be cured of your addiction.

This is one of the biggest myths of rehab. You can stop addiction, but you can’t cure it. Rehab is a place to teach you how to handle your addiction, but you’ll need to exercise the tools you learn there for the rest of your life in order to remain sober and in recovery.

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