Benefits of Treating Addiction in a Rehab Center

Relapse is not an option. Successful recovery from an addiction IS attainable for a substance abuser who wants to put their past behind them. Yet, without support and the proper resources to help them reach emotional and physical stability, relapse takes all other options off the table for the majority of recovering addicts.

Why Treating an Addiction in a Rehab Center is Better

Individuals who acknowledge that they need help have already taken a significant step in their lives. The next step is to find a team of professionals who they can trust to take them even further. Addiction treatment centers realize that their patients have certain triggers and behavioral patterns that are directly related to their addiction. Since no two people respond to addiction exactly the same way, treatment to prevent relapse at a comprehensive rehab center will make certain to personalize the following objectives:

  • Physical and emotional wellness
  • Home life stability
  • Establishment of positive goals
  • Formation of a support network

Addiction Treatment Centers Minimize Occurrences of Relapse

An addiction treatment gives their patients the first layer of protection
they need to help prevent a relapse before it happens. Education combined with detoxification using effective medications helps the recovering addict prepare for and better manage their addiction symptoms, but effective rehab treatment involves more than just detoxification.

Rehab treatment centers also use onsite counselors and psychologists to help an addict create a positive lifestyle with new habits. This is important because even when an addict knows how their addiction formed, their emotional attachment to a substance may be equally as strong as their physical cravings or dependency. Therefore, psychotherapy done in a controlled environment gives people seeking recovery the best success and includes:

  • Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Counseling
  • Family Therapy

Follow Up Treatment

One of the hardest stages of recovery is to make the progress away from addiction an ongoing process. According to N.A. Drug Rehab Statistics, roughly 40 to 60 percent of people who check into a rehab center will relapse back into substance abuse. Follow-up programs are designed to help people receive as much support as possible starting their new life. It’s important for individuals recovering from addiction not to become too independent too soon or get a false sense of confidence. It takes time and a lot of support to make addiction recovery happen and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Seeking Treatment in a Rehab Center is Cost Effective

Some addicts make a personal decision to ride out there addiction instead of seeking professional treatment. However, in most cases, the expense related to not seeking professional treatment is higher than it is when spent on treatment. This is because many insurance companies will cover the cost of rehab treatment. Seeking professional help should in no way be seen as a sign of weakness, but instead as a proactive measure to prevent relapse as soon as possible. It also provides the recovering addict with an objective point of view of how substance abuse is fueled by specific triggers. Techniques offered at a comprehensive rehab center help to target and also manage these triggers once a patient leaves the rehab center. Making the transition into sober life ‘stick’ is definitely challenging, but is more attainable when they utilize clinically proven techniques on a daily basis.

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