Crooked Thinking

Addicts have a lot of issues they must work through if they want to conquer their addictions. These issues come in many forms, including physical, emotional and psychological issues. One of the most difficult issues that addicts have to deal with is crooked thinking. Failure to conquer crooked thinking will not only keep people trapped within the cycle of their addictions, but it will also seep into every other area of their lives as well. This will create a warped worldview that helps to feed the addiction cycle. It can cost addicts their friends, family, jobs and everything else they hold dear. For substance abusers who want to get clean, eliminating crooked thinking is one of the most important steps on the journey.

How Crooked Thinking Works

In order to eliminate crooked thinking from their lives, addicts must first learn to understand it. In a nutshell, crooked thoughts are negative thoughts. When addicts are full of negative thoughts, it is like throwing gasoline on the fire of their addictions. When an addict is full of these negative thoughts, it is all too easy to feel worthless. This worthless feeling makes it all too easy to turn to drugs and alcohol for relief.

In addition, these negative thoughts can make it impossible for addicts to admit they have a problem. If you are new to the world of recovery, you will quickly learn that the first step on the road to recovery from an addiction is to admit that you have a problem. When your mind is operating crookedly, this will be impossible for you. Instead of admitting you have a problem, you will only be able to blame others for your problems.

Ruining Your Life and Hurting Those Around You

As well as hampering your ability to get sober, this kind of negative thinking will quickly move out of your mind and into your thoughts and actions. When you are full of crooked thoughts, it is all too easy to start hating those around you. This makes it easy for you to justify your actions. When you are an addict who is full of negativity, you will find it is easy to steal from others and take advantage of them. You will do anything possible to fuel your addiction, and the crooked turn of your mind will allow you to do so without feeling the shame and guilt that you would if you had a healthy mental worldview.

When you allow the crooked thoughts to take over, you will push everything and everyone you love away from you. Not only that, but you will also find that this crooked view becomes the way you view yourself as well. When you start to see everything through a crooked vantage point, you will start to think that your fundamental nature is crooked.

Once you have adopted this view, you will think that being an addict is just the inevitable way you were meant to live your life. You will think that the only way you can live is by feeding your addiction. Your crooked thoughts will tell you that it is pointless to try and get clean because it is impossible.

Get Professional Help to Defeat Crooked Thinking

Therefore, before you are able to get clean, you must first start to change your crooked thinking. If you want to learn to think positively instead, you should get the help of a professional rehab facility. When you enter an inpatient recovery program, you will learn the techniques you can use to defeat this negative thinking when it happens. Although it will not happen overnight, crooked thinking can be defeated over time. If you keep practicing and work hard at your rehab, you will soon find that a positive frame of mind becomes your default setting.

Once this happens, you will be able to defeat the crooked thoughts that fuel your addiction. The journey to get clean will be easier when you get the help of professional rehab facilities. Being surrounded by professional rehab counselors and fellow recovering addicts will give you the support you need to change your thinking. If you are serious about crushing your crooked thoughts and getting clean, make sure that you get the help you need by entering an inpatient recovery program.

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