Different Types of Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation Programs Can HelpDifferent Types of Rehabilitation Programs. When it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, there are a wide variety of treatment programs designed to help people kick their addictions in a healthy and safe environment. There is no “one-size-fits-all” form of rehabilitation that works for everyone, so different techniques are used for different types of addiction, as well as different personalities. Inpatient treatment may seem like a dramatic choice, but it has been shown that this type of treatment is the most effective way of helping people beat their addictions for good.

It is important to understand the different rehabilitation options available, so as to select the option that has the best chance of providing a positive outcome for the given situation.

The focus of this piece is inpatient treatment, as this is the most effective means of truly treating drug and alcohol dependency. While there are a variety of different outpatient techniques that are used in substance abuse treatment, those are not discussed here.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Inpatient treatment allows for a more hands-on and intense form of rehabilitation. Behavioral modification is a very successful technique in treating substance abuse, and inpatient treatment facilities provide the means for this to happen. This type of therapy focuses on changing our responses to certain stressors or other triggers. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an extension of this, looking to find particular triggers for addictive behavior and work on developing more adaptive and healthy responses to these triggers.

Whole Body Therapy

There are many who subscribe to the idea that problems such as addiction are more than just chemical dependency issues. Meaning, there are a whole host of things in the user’s life that contribute to drug or alcohol abuse and thus, these issues must be addressed in conjunction with detox. This is a variety of different techniques used together. They include more traditional detox methods, counseling, and also things like exercise, meditation, nutrition counseling and more. These programs seek to help the user not only detox and get over their addiction, but to improve areas of their life which could, ultimately, be the difference between success and a relapse.

Reducing Psychological Dependency

This is the most common type of inpatient substance abuse treatment. Most often in the form of a 12-step program or something similar, these treatment therapies are used to help users change their behaviors and to learn how to interact with their environment effectively without drugs or alcohol.

Battling drug and alcohol addiction is a serious and tough problem. What works for one person may not provide relief to another. This is why there are a wide variety of different approaches to treatment. There are many proverbial fronts with which to battle addiction. Whether it be cognitive behavioral therapy, community based treatments, or even treatment at a halfway house, there are many different options for those looking to unchain themselves from the burdens of addiction. Some focus on more direct approaches to treat the addiction itself, whereas other rehabilitation programs are designed with a more holistic, or whole body, means of treatment.

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