Information to Help You Feel More Comfortable About Drug Rehab

After RehabWhen you decide to get sober, you may be concerned about what happens inside of the rehabilitation facility. There are a lot of misconceptions about what actually happens while you’re in there, so it’s important to know the truth before you scare yourself out of making the best decision of your life. The best drug rehabilitation centers have one primary goal, and that’s to help you get and stay sober.

The Studies Don’t Lie

Many addicts want to get sober on their own because they believe they should have enough willpower to do so. The reality is that addiction is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease, so it’s extremely hard for people to stay sober without the proper help. Although you may show high amounts of willpower when it comes to every other aspect of your life, you’ve probably found that it’s much more difficult when it comes to your drinking or drug use. This is why many addicts who don’t go to treatment relapse within a few months.

Over the last few decades, research centers have been able to keep track of the statistics when it comes to addiction treatment. When a person goes to a qualified treatment facility for the entire duration, they are much more likely to get and stay sober for at least a year. Those who get sober on their own have a 20 to 25 percent success rate, and those who go to treatment have a 60 percent chance of staying sober for at least a year. This is remarkable because 50 years ago people were only able to stay sober for a few months.

Finding the Support You Need

Addiction can make you feel isolated, so it’s important to learn that you’re not alone in your struggle. Not only will you have a staff dedicated to your personal recovery, but you’ll be surrounded by other people who are trying to overcome addiction as well. You’ll find that their experience, strength, and hope can help you in your recovery, and you’ll also see that yours will help them too. One of the greatest experiences you’ll have in sobriety is seeing how you can be of service to others, which allows you to get out of your own head and have a sense of accomplishment when you’re there for someone else.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The best drug rehabilitation centers specialize in treating people who have a dual diagnosis. This term means that you suffer from addiction as well as some other form of mental illness. Some addicts began using when they had symptoms of anxiety, depression or mood swings, but they never knew why. A qualified addiction center will be able to diagnose you for these symptoms and give you healthy ways to deal with these feelings without having to drink or use.

Having an untreated dual diagnosis is one of the leading causes of relapse, so it’s important that the facility is able to treat you when you need ongoing treatment. Many of these facilities will follow your progress to ensure that your mental illness is being treated as well as your sobriety.

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