What to Expect in a Rehab Center

What to Expect in a Rehab Center. counselingThese days, many individuals find themselves addicted to a debilitating substance such as drugs or alcohol. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducted a 2009 survey indicating that 23.5 million people aged 12 or up were in need of treatment for illicit drug use. In light of this reality, it is important for addicts who are interested in pursuing recovery to consider the value of enrolling in a rehabilitation facility. To learn what one can expect in a rehab center as well as how analyzing rehab center reviews can help you choose the optimal recovery facility, consider the short outline that appears below:

1. The Intake Exam and Interview

The drug rehabilitation process will typically start with a holistic examination and interview of the individual who is seeking treatment. This part of the process is sometimes referred to as the “interview and assessment process.” During this stage, the medical staff and counselors will compile data regarding the patient’s background, history, addiction, medical conditions, and any other relevant information. In some cases, medical tests (such as blood tests or urinalysis) may be necessary. The findings from this part of the process enable the treatment facility professionals to devise a customized treatment program on behalf of the patient.

2. Active Treatment

Once the patient makes a commitment to receive inpatient treatment, the active treatment begins. This stage incorporates numerous elements, all of which are designed to help the patient get and remain on the path to permanent recovery. Part of the process involves educating the patient. Specifically, the recovering addict will spend time learning about the nature of her or his addiction. In many cases, the patient will regularly meet with a trained counselor who has been assigned to her or him. Group meetings are also a regular part of the active treatment process. During individual and group sessions, the recovering addicts will oftentimes spend time learning how they can identify triggers that could lead to relapse into drug use. Patients are also provided with coping mechanisms and skills that will help them remain on the road to recovery.

3. Holistic Health Services

Oftentimes, rehab centers offer holistic health services. This practice is predicated on the principle that the recovering addict needs to be restored on all levels: mental, physical, and spiritual. As a result of this reality, many facilities place primacy on offering patients nutritional counseling that will empower them to eat foods that contribute to physiological healing, mental balance, nutrient uptake, and weight management. Rehab centers will also oftentimes incorporate physical activity into the treatment program. Yoga has been a popular form of exercise offered at rehab centers for numerous reasons, including the fact that it can help combat the stress associated with beginning the journey towards recovery.

Finding The Right Facility

If you’re interested in attaining professional services from a rehab center, note that you can start the process by looking online. For example, you can gain access to rehab center reviews that provide you with a basic understanding of whether a specific recovery facility has a positive reputation in the local community. You can also request an in-house consultation to familiarize yourself with the rehab facility’s company culture and environmental setting.


If you’re interested in fully recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, you should know that attaining assistance from a team of professionals in a rehab center can help. And by carefully perusing rehab center reviews in order to gain an understanding of the company’s reputation, you can also select the facility that will prove most appropriate and advantageous in light of your unique needs. In so doing, you’ll be able to get and remain on the path to a more productive life marked by holistic well-being.

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