Why You Should Hate Drug Addiction

Why You Should Hate Drug Addiction. Are you a teenager considering trying drugs? Are you a young person who thinks it’s not a big deal to experiment with drugs every now and then? Are you someone who is currently using or abusing drugs or alcohol? If you fit into any of these categories, read on to learn why you might want to reconsider your actions. Drug use has the ability to destroy your life, and if you do not intervene now, you are setting yourself on a path of misery, health complications, brain dysfunction, and even death. It’s important to be aware of the destructiveness of substance abuse so that you not only can make decisions that empower yourself – but so you can intervene in the lives of others and help them make the very best decisions for their lives. Read our guide about why you should hate drug addiction:

It’s Hurting Our Young People

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) did a national survey of Americans 12 or older who had some kind of addiction to drugs or alcohol. That study, called the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, found that 23.5 million of those people – and 9.3 percent of those 12 or older — needed some kind of treatment. Drug abuse and addiction is pervasive – and we should be outraged.

It Takes Over the Brain

The Meth Action Coalition of Oregon, a advocacy group for families of meth users, reports that meth actually “hijacks” the brain in such a way that drug users do not have control over what they say and think. They will tell their loved ones that they will quit using. The will lie to get more. They cannot stop, and it’s not their fault. The drug has taken over their brain. The same is true, to varying degrees, for many other drugs that people find themselves addicted to. Yes, the person holds responsibility for using the drug in the first place. However, the drug can take over quickly and ruin the person’s ability to think and act. The drug is the influencer in all decisions — and that decision is to find a way to sustain how the user feels.

 It Ruins Lives

Drug addiction ruins lives. It causes people to make poor decisions for their health and for their happiness. It results in the loss of jobs, loved ones, friendships, and more. It leads to lawsuits and depression and death. Like any addiction, drugs help the user escape his or her current reality. They are used to cope with a life that is unbearable or a life that the user believes is unbearable. If only the user knew alternate skills, which he or she can learn in inpatient treatment centers, to change the course of life, to distract from the habit of drug use and to invest in activities that bring out the very best in the person. There aren’t any positive attributes to drug addiction.

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