Detox TreatmentCleansing the body of drugs, also known as detoxification, is usually the part of rehabilitation that an addict dreads.

However, this can be a more pleasant experience if it is done in a professional rehabilitation center rather than at home. Detox from alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opiates can be dangerous if not done in a medically regulated facility.

A Rewarding Experience

Detox for many addicts may be a painful experience; however, it is also a very rewarding experience once it is done. The reason a person searches for drugs is because they adjust to a certain level of the drug in their body.

Once the level of that specific drug has decreased in their body, the pleasure center in their brain tells them that they need more. However, if the body is completely free of the toxins, they will still have the want for the drug, but not the need.

Once the need for the drug is out of the client’s system, the counselors at a drug rehab facility can help them find the underlying reasons for wanting the drug.  How does the drug make them feel? What emotions do they feel when they are off the drug that they don’t feel when they are on it?  This is an important part of the drug detox phase; finding out why they began using the drug to start with.  After identifying the triggers for drug use, the client will learn effective methods and strategies for avoiding drug use in the future.

Preventing Relapse After Detox Treatment

The reason counselors make someone who is addicted to drugs face these facts during detox is so they can understand their reasons for seeking drugs. This is important for the healing process and to prevent relapse after treatment.

An effective rehabilitation program helps the addict in multiple areas, including:

  • Overcoming feelings of depression and low self-esteem
  • Learning valuable life-skills
  • Providing nutritional guidance
  • and some programs are offer customizable programs that allow the client to choose a holistic, self-help, faith-based or another approach to therapy.

Comprehensive programs allow the client to be healed physically, mentally and spiritually for lasting sobriety.

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