Drug Detox

Drug Detox Treatment Drug detox is the process that takes place during abstinence when the body starts to get rid of the toxins that have accumulated over the years by drug abuse. The first part of this process is to discontinue the use of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms will follow after the discontinuation of the substance.

The intensity and duration of the symptoms will depend on the drugs that were used as well as the length of time you were using them.  Detox is a process that will apply to anyone that has an addiction problem and needs to enter into a treatment program.

What Is Drug Detoxification?

The NIH states that more and more people from every age group are beginning to experiment with illicit drug use. As a result, more people become addicted and develop any of a variety of detrimental health conditions. This causes a societal demand for effective drug detoxification options. In fact, the most modern statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that the need the effective drug detox options is stronger than ever.

Rebellious teens and disillusioned adults alike erroneously turn to drugs, searching desperately, and many times obliviously, for meaning that doesn’t exist. In millions of cases, individuals spiral downward into seemingly inescapable drug-induced hells where life slowly disintegrates on all fronts: financial, moral, mental and physical.

Drug Abuse Statistics

  • Illicit drug use in the United States costs the country an estimated $11 billion annually from health care expenses alone. Add in crime costs and loss of work and the total jumps up to an estimated $193 billion annually.
  • In comparison, alcohol costs an estimated $30 billion in healthcare ($235 billion total) and tobacco costs an estimated $96 billion in heal ($193 billion total).
  • In 2012, 23.8 million Americans admitted to using an illicit drug of some type within the last 30 days of questioning. That was 9.2% of the entire US population at that time.
  • It’s important to remember that there is an appreciable percentage of people who will not admit to illicit drug usage, causing a probable underestimation of the actual number of drug users.

What is drug detox?

Put in simple terms, drug detox is a process in which the body diminishes the trace elements of drugs that may have built up in the system. Drug detoxification is an internal cleansing. It removes the leftover accumulations of drugs that have been stored over the course of the drug user’s exploits.

Most Popular Illicit Drugs

According to the NIH, aside from marijuana, the most used illicit drugs are:

  • Prescription drugs, especially pain relievers;
  • Methamphetamine;
  • Cocaine;
  • Hallucinogens;
  • Inhalants;
  • Heroine and derivatives;

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Detoxification

Inpatient drug detox therapy is almost always the superior choice for those who genuinely wish to recover from drug addiction or repetitive usage. Drugs are powerful. They can infest the human brain and body to the point where even the most determined user or addict is helpless to detox alone. Professional drug detoxification facilities enable the healing process to proceed more comfortably and successfully.

Engaging drug detox on an inpatient basis enables the patient to focus fully on the detoxing process. Without the demands, and resulting temptations of the usual daily grind, patients are surrounded by professionals that are dedicated to helping them recognize their goals of total drug detoxification. The benefits of detoxing from drugs on an inpatient basis include:

  • Professional structuring of time and activities keeps patients focused on the drug detoxification process;
  • Patients have constant and ready access to support from staff members as well as other detox patients;
  • Drugs are not permitted. That takes away the possibility of relapsing and using again while in treatment,
  • People (friends) that may negatively influence the detox process are not present at the facility;
  • There is ready availability of medical care in the event of withdrawal symptoms;
  • Inpatient drug detox treatment accommodates being able to give your complete attention to the drug detoxification process;
  • Consistently healthy diet choices that accommodate the detox process;
  • Continued availability of support and coping tools even after leaving the facility;

Being successful at drug detoxification is not a simple undertaking. If you are serious about becoming drug-free for the long run, then it is highly advisable to get some professional assistance. Drug detox can release various chemical and/or emotional reactions that can be very difficult to work through alone.


Easing the Symptoms of Drug Detox

Drug detox provides trained professionals that know how to help ease the symptoms of drug withdrawal through various treatment methods, such as massage therapy, hot tub relaxation, exercise therapy, acupuncture and others. Each center has their own programs and procedures, but in most of them, treatment is based on the severity of the addiction and the needs of the individual. These facilities want to provide the best treatment possible so that the physical withdrawal can be safe, comfortable and effective.

Professional centers provide therapy methods during rehabilitation to help with the other problems that you might be going through that have led you to this point. Removal of all drugs from the body is the first part of detoxification. Without this, you will have residues left in the body that cause cravings after drug use has stopped.  Until the cravings are eliminated, you won’t be able to fully focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing.

Understanding the Root of the Problem

Drug detox will be the most effective on a residential basis. This is determined by the severity of the addiction and whether other physical or emotional problems are involved.  The process can be dangerous with some addictions and is best handled under medical supervision.

A sudden stop in drug abuse can cause dangerous symptoms that, if not properly managed, can be life-threatening. No one should attempt detox or withdrawal alone when there are caring professionals that are dedicated to providing a safe, successful recovery.

Let Us Help You Find an Effective Program

Effective programs offer treatment that will help ease the cravings, counseling that can get to the root of the addiction, and guidance in changing behavior patterns to help you avoid relapse.  Drug detox centers are designed to help you recover from addiction and be able to go on with a productive life without the problems created by drugs.

Rehab Help is here to provide support for those looking for the right treatment center and program for themselves or a loved one. We can help you find an effective program that offers treatment options and methods that best suit your needs and wants. Call today to see how we can help you find the right program. Calling today is the first step to a new and brighter future; where addiction is not the center of everything.

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