Drug Abuse Helpline

A drug abuse helpline does exactly what the title states, it helps a drug addict get the general information needed about treatment services and counseling so that they can begin their battle against drug addiction. Drug abuse is one of the most prevalent problems in America today.

Since it is not an actual addiction to drugs, many who are involved with drug abuse believe they are in control and don’t need treatment. This puts them in a situation of struggling with problems in their life due to their drug abuse.

Reasons to Seek Drug Abuse Advice and Treatment

Call our drug abuse helplineThere are many reasons to call our drug abuse helpline. Struggling with drug abuse can easily be handled, but without treatment it can possibly end your life. A person dealing with drug abuse can experience problems such as:

Possible jail time
Drug abuse causes a person to act without thinking and they may no longer have control over their behavior. This is a major problem that most all abusers face and can result in physical harm from fighting, or arrests due to theft or burglary committed when trying to steal something they can sell to fund their habit. Others will be arrested for prostitution or for driving under the influence.

Physical health problems
Using drugs in large quantities will cause effects, including:

  • Aging skin
  • Internal organ damage
  • Liver cancer
  • and heart failure

Other health problems occur when drugs are injected such as HIV/AIDS or hepatitis.

Mental effects
Difficulty learning, comprehending, and remembering everyday tasks as well as chronic depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Social issues
Social withdrawal and social anxiety due to the depressive effects of many drugs.

Drug abusers are at a high risk for overdose because they do not think about the amounts of drugs that they are consuming. All that they concern themselves with is getting high and have little regard for their health or life.

Begin Planning a Drug Free Future

If you or someone that you care for is abusing drugs and no longer at a positive point in their life, contact us today. Our drug abuse helpline is here to help you or your loved one through this devastating time so that you can begin planning for a future that is free from drug abuse.

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