Drug Facts

The most important drug facts are often ignored or overlooked.  Once a person becomes addicted, it doesn’t matter whether they know the facts because they are only concerned with getting more of the drug.  During addiction, a person probably knows their health is being compromised, but they are unable to stop the drug abuse due to intense cravings that occur when the drug is withheld.

Drug abuse is defined as the repeated and excessive use of a drug in order to experience euphoria, regardless of the harmful consequences.  Drug abuse does not also mean a person is abusing illegal drugs, such as heroin, meth, and cocaine. Prescription drugs can also be abused by a person using drugs that were not prescribed to them or differently then how they were prescribed. An addict can face losing everything and everyone in their life, but will continue using the drugs because at this point, the drug is their only priority.

Common Drug FactsAdditional drug facts are that most of the drugs being abused today are street-drugs, but prescription drug abuse is considered illegal as well.  Those who use prescription drugs illegally often have difficulty obtaining more of the drug and desperation will lead them to using the cheaper, more readily available street drugs. This constant involvement in drug abuse will inevitably result in drug addiction and this will add depression, darkness and other life-threatening conditions to a person’s life.

Facts That will Hopefully Turn Your Life Around

There are hundreds of negative effects from addiction, and hopefully being aware of them in the beginning will help you seek treatment before you face more serious consequences.

Some of the most common effects  are:

  • Drug abuse disrupts a person’s relationships.
  • Often leads to drug-related legal problems.
  • Leads to poor health or death.
  • Alters brain function and eliminates the ability to deal with problems.

Left untreated, substance abuse not only destroys the addict’s life, but has devastating consequences on the lives of their loved ones as well.

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No matter how serious these drug facts may seem, the reality is even more serious. Hundreds of people die every day from drug abuse, others steal or turn to prostitution and many lose their families and destroy their health because of drugs.

These facts do not describe all the dangers of drug abuse, only the most common.   Maybe the most important fact you should know is that long-term use of drugs can easily turn into drug dependency or addiction. Many addicts do not think this will happen to them. They believe they are in control of the situation. The fact is, when you use drugs, they take charge, and your life spirals out of control.

If you would like more information on drug facts and treatment options, call  today and let one of our trained counselors help you. We can help you find the treatment program that will increase the likelihood of your enjoying a lifetime free from the destruction and danger of addiction.

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