Effects of Drug Abuse

If you or someone you love are suffering from the effects of drug abuse, we are here to help. When someone abuses drugs, the effects are felt not only by the abuser, but by the people who are close to that person.

For the person who is using, the effects can be physical and are always psychological. Friends and families are often affected as well, because they are hurt by the addict in many ways. It isn’t easy for family members to stand by and watch a loved one slowly turn into someone they hardly recognize anymore.

Being Helpful Can Become “Enabling”

Drug abuse occurs when someone uses illicit drugs or misuses prescription drugs for an extended period of time. This use, or misuse, causes a physical and psychological addiction to the drug. Psychological addictions can make the abuser think he or she needs this drug in order to function normally or as a means to escape personal problems, depression, or anxiety.

Effects of Drug Abuse and AddictionA person who abuses drugs is putting their life in great danger. Drugs affect how the heart functions and can cause hypertension. Additionally, the effects of drug abuse can cause such conditions as:

  • Seizures,
  • Permanent damage to the brain, liver or kidneys,
  • Respiratory failure
  • and death.

In almost every case, the body’s systems are damaged after a person has abused drugs over a prolonged period of time.

Families of drug abusers are also affected and some spouses and children of addicts often hide what the addict is doing or deny the problem really exists. One of the most common co-dependent behaviors of loved ones is the tendency to give money to the addict, lie to employers for them and take on the responsibility of being a caretaker for the addict.  In this manner, spouses who think they are being helpful actually become enablers, and the addict is never forced to take responsibility for his or her behavior and fails to seek help until it almost too late.

Get Help if You Notice These Drug Abuse Effects

There are both short-term and long-term effects that are experienced by the drug abuser, as well as by friends or loved ones. Psychological dependence makes the abuser think he or she needs the drug in order to function, while families tend to hide the problem for as long as possible in order to make life easier for everyone. This combination of behaviors can have devastating consequences. Get help if you notice these drug abuse effects in yourself or a loved one.

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