Facts About Meth

Methamphetamine, called meth for short, is a central nervous stimulant that is usually taken orally, snorted, injected by a needle or smoked. Meth is known on the street as: speed, crank, glass, crystal meth, and fire.

The effects of a high on meth usually lasts between six and eight hours, but the effects of a meth addiction can last a life-time. Meth is a Schedule II drug and has a high potential for being abused. Many who begin using this drug occasionally, end up becoming an addict and some will even end up dying a drug abuse related death.

What Facts About Meth Addiction You Should Know

There are serious and terrifying facts about meth you should know if you or a loved one is using meth. This is a dangerous drug that can do horrible things to your body and life. It is a psychoactive drug that has a high risk for abuse or addiction. People have often said that it is the drug that you try once, and you’re hooked on it.

Prescribed under the name Desoxyn (Methamphetamine Hydrochloride), methamphetamine is used medically to treat ADHD and also obesity. Although the prescribed amount is much less than the amount typically abused by those who manufacture and use the drug illegally.

Another concerning fact about meth is the production of it. Meth is produced in labs, some even in unsuspecting neighborhoods. Manufactures use common household items to create the deadly toxin, which have the intentional to explode. This increases the dangers for the one producing it and the ones who are unknowingly living around the meth lab.

Terrifying Consequences Related to Meth Addiction

Life-threatening facts about methThere are many terrifying and life-threatening consequences that are associated with the abuse of meth. There is nothing glamorous about meth use. Have you ever heard of meth mouth? This is a condition where the user’s teeth fall out as a result of their meth use. This happens because meth stops saliva production in the mouth, and the teeth dry out and decay without the protective moisture. Saliva is vital for teeth staying healthy, so, without it, the user’s teeth eventually fall out.

Another consequence of meth abuse is that people wind up going to prison because their addiction forced them to steal in order to support their habit. Most meth addicts even steal from their family members. Another one of the meth facts, and a common saying of meth users, is that it takes everything from you. It slowly damages your life, your brain, your appearance, and your future.

It even has the potential to kill you. Hundreds of people every year overdose from meth and die. Sometimes, it’s not ingestion of the drug that kills them, but the process of making the drug in their meth lab often causes the lab to explode, killing them. Those who are fortunate not to die from meth use will most likely end up in jail or prison for illegal activities and drug use.

Get Help Now Before Meth Steals Everything From You

The most important of the facts about meth is that meth is no joke. Innocent people get hurt and it slowly steals everything from the user. If you know someone who is addicted to meth, the best solution is to get help at a residential rehab center.

For more facts about meth, or to learn about treatment options for meth addiction, please contact one of our professionals today.

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