Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine, called meth for short, is a highly addictive synthetic drug that works as a central nervous stimulant.  Meth comes in a variety of forms and colors and is known by street names such as crank, chalk, speed and ice.  The toll this drug takes on a person’s mind and body are devastating and some of the damages are often irreversible.

Crystal meth addiction treatment
Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is also a very common name used to identify meth in the form of a crystalline structure. Meth creates a false sense of energy, happiness and confidence for users while they are high.

When the high wears off, users are usually depressed and have no energy. Many meth users usually keep increasing their doses in order to avoid unpleasant feelings or to get the same effect as their first time using meth. As the doses are increased, the body builds tolerance and an addiction will often be the result. When a person is addicted to meth, they experience withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not taken. In order to avoid these symptoms, the addict will continue using the drug and increasing the negative impact it has on their overall health, finances and relationships.

The Dangers of Meth

Despite its notorious reputation and extended dangers, meth is quite simple to make in illegal labs. It is usually made with common household products such as cold medications, battery acid, drain cleaner and lantern fuel. The process of making meth is dangerous because of exposure to the toxins and risk of an explosion. Most houses where meth labs have been used are not fit for habitation any longer due to the toxins that permeate the premises.

Meth has many physical short-term and long-term effects for users. Short-term effects can include nausea, hallucinations, irritability, insomnia, paranoia and loss of appetite. Long-term meth exposure can cause deterioration of one’s physical appearance, damage to vital organs, high blood pressure, stroke, memory loss, malnutrition, severe tooth decay, and depression. Both long-term and short-term use of meth can end in early death. Meth addiction also goes beyond affecting one’s health to causing legal, social, and financial struggles. This addiction will also go on to affect the addict’s loved ones and others put at risk because of the addict’s impaired judgement.

The Meth Addiction Treatment Process

Nobody uses meth expecting to end up battling a meth addiction, but this is the outcome for many who never intended for this unfortunate reality. Those who are battling a meth addiction have permanently made meth their number one priority in life, with everything else in second place. Their health diminishes, their families fall apart and everything around them becomes a blur. Addiction to meth is a heart-breaking reality and a battle that too many will lose. Using meth is a like walking on a tight rope with the uncertainty of every step, but there is help for those who feel alone in their battle and afraid of what their use will bring. The first step to recovery is reaching for the professional help that is needed to break the chains of addiction.

The professional staff of an addiction rehabilitation center are trained in helping a client successfully withdraw and rid their body of all the toxins. Treatment options are provided to make the detox phase as comfortable as possible for the client and help them focus on healing. Next the client can begin treatment, where he or she will be given all the tools necessary to focus on remaining drug-free and to enjoy a happy, productive life.  The goal of treatment is to help the person heal physically, mentally and spiritually in order to have the inner strength and desire to live without the influence of this dangerous drug.

Call Today to Begin Recovery

Although the recovery process is difficult, many thousands of people succeed in overcoming this dangerous addiction.  A professional, long-term, residential program is necessary for treating meth addiction, and the highly trained specialists are experienced in dealing with the unique challenges presented by meth withdrawal.  Their expertise and compassion go a long way in helping clients remain in the program and go forward to enjoy lasting recovery.

If you or a loved one are suffering from a meth addiction or an addiction to any other harmful substance, get help. Call today and we will connect you with a treatment center that will begin the most important journey of an addict’s life; the one to recovery.

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