Meth Production

Producing MethMeth production first began outside of America, but was imported into the United States through the Canadian and Mexican borders. Today, however, there are thousands of meth labs in the US being shut down every year.

Meth production is now widespread in the US because of the high demand for meth here. This drug is the most abused illicit drug in America and its popularity is constantly rising. What most meth addicts are unaware of is that what they are putting into their bodies is not only toxic, but deadly, even to the people making it.

The Beginning of Meth Production

Meth production first begins with over the counter medications such as ephedrine. This drug is crushed and mixed with other toxic chemicals. Common products that are used to produce meth are:

  • Gasoline,
  • Lighter fluid,
  • Iodine,
  • Battery acid,
  • Drain cleaner,
  • and red devil lye

During the process to produce meth, individuals involved must wear clothing that can withstand not only burns from flame, but chemical burns as well.

When making meth, the chemicals must be heated to high temperatures and could possibly ruin the person’s physical appearance if it is splashed onto their skin. Producing meth is risky and dangerous. Hundreds of experienced meth producers have died while making meth and even more inexperienced meth addicts hoping to make their drug for cheap have fallen victim to meth even before it was ingested.

In some cases, meth labs will blow up. Not only does this cause life-threatening injuries and death for the ones producing the meth, but it also causes these same dangers for the innocent people living nearby.

Toxins in Meth will Slowly Kill You

If you are addicted to meth, you should know that the toxic chemicals used to create it will slowly kill you. If you have further questions or need to enter into a meth rehab program, contact us today. We have dedicated staff members waiting to help you in your fight against meth addiction. They all understand how risky meth production is and also how deadly meth is to a person using it.

Make the change today so that you will be able to live your life free from the problems that come with meth addiction. For more information on meth production, call us today.

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