Methamphetamine Symptoms

Methamphetamine is a powerful and highly addictive drug that is a cocktail of various household chemicals, and there are a host of methamphetamine symptoms to watch for if you are using this drug or you suspect that someone else is using this drug. The dangerous and life threatening symptoms for a user will quickly cause devastating effects.

Effects of Meth

Addiction to methamphetamine symptomsThe potent effects of meth do not leave much room for casual use. Addiction from the first try is the way the story typically goes for most. The drug-ravaged bodies of meth users are often hard to miss because the physical and psychological effects of the drug are overwhelming. The use of methamphetamine has numerous effects on a person and can take hold from the first use, causing the person to lose all sense of self.

Common Methamphetamine Symptoms

Those who find themselves addicted will show methamphetamine symptoms of extreme weight loss as Meth decreases appetite. They also have poor personal hygiene, rapid eye movement, and dilated pupils. The hallucinogenic effects of the drug causes the person to pick at themselves thinking that there are bugs under their skin. These are known as “crank bugs” and the user will often be covered in sores which become infected due to poor hygiene. Rotting or missing teeth (“Meth mouth”) is another problem that results from poor hygiene combined with the reduction in protective saliva around the gums and teeth causing them to fall out from the simplest of tasks such as eating a sandwich.

Most meth users appear pale and splotchy while methamphetamine eats away at their body. The mental symptoms of meth abuse are dangerous to the user as well as everyone around them as they experience paranoia and violent, rapid mood swings. Many who use meth have suicidal or homicidal thoughts they may act on making them a nuisance to society and extremely dangerous.

Meth Addiction Can Be a Death Sentence

Methamphetamine eats away at the mind and body. Over time, meth use becomes more like a death sentence as the effects become more permanent and more profound. There is no cure for meth addiction, although it is treatable. There is hope beyond addiction and it begins with the decision to get help for your problem. Addiction does not have to be a way of life for anyone.

Do not wait until the meth symptoms become life-threatening; call today and begin your recovery from this dangerous drug.

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