Signs of Meth Addiction

Meth addiction is a growing problem in the United States and here you will find information to help you recognize the signs of meth addiction. Meth addiction is a massive problem today because it is easy to make and more affordable than cocaine or heroin.

How is Meth Made?

Meth is often manufactured in someone’s home in the basement or garage. These “meth labs” are a growing concern across the country because the chemicals used to produce meth, usually household cleaning products, can cause serious health problems and some have even exploded while mixing chemicals.

Not only can meth labs cause damage to the immediate location, they can contaminate the areas surrounding the meth lab.  These homes will usually end up being abandoned because the interior is too contaminated for anyone to ever safely live there again.  It is frightening to think one of those labs could exist in a neighborhood that is filled with children.

What Are the Signs of Meth Addiction?

What are the Signs Of Meth AddictionSome of the signs of meth addiction are extreme weight loss, sores or open wounds. Often times poor job performance and excessive absences keep many addicts from keeping a job for longer than a few months.

Meth Mouth

Another sign is known as “meth mouth”. Most meth addicts have problems with tooth decay, and they are missing teeth or have blackened teeth and gums that are red and sore. Meth addicts might sweat profusely and they smell like cat urine.

Other Common Signs

In addition to rotting teeth and the foul smell, meth addicts have very bad acne outbreaks and often have an unwashed appearance. Another sign is paranoia; the meth addict thinks everybody is out to get him or her.

It is common for meth addicts not to sleep for weeks at a time and this can contribute to the paranoia, plus causing mood swings and irritability. Another sign is the meth addict’s skin is itchy and they scratch until they draw blood, leaving sores over their body.  The addict has to have meth first thing in the morning because they feel that they can’t make it through the day without their drugs.

Getting Help if You or A Loved One is Struggling with Addiction

If you or someone you love has the signs of meth addiction contact Rehab Help immediately, before it’s too late. Our specially trained counselors can work with those suffering from addiction and their loved ones, in order to connect them with a treatment center that offers the best program to ensure lasting results.

So, are you ready to begin a life while meth is not the center of everything? Are you tired of watching a loved one suffer and ready for them to get the help they need to enjoy the peace and happiness they once knew? Rehab Help can help those with these goals and many others, just by contacting us. Let today be the day you are your own hero or the hero to somebody else.

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