Prescription Drug Abuse Symptoms

Prescription drug abuse symptoms vary from person to person, but altogether it  is a problem that affects a person’s mind, body and soul. This problem, over time can turn into an addiction and even worse it can have fatal side effects.

If you think that someone you care for is living their daily life with a prescription drug abuse problem, you should first consider the obvious prescription drug abuse symptoms. The most common and easiest prescription drug abuse symptoms to notice in a person include:

  • Doctor shopping,
  • Financial problems,
  • A series of crimes committed,
  • and changes in his or her mood and behavior.

Common Prescription Drug Abuse Symptoms

The Most Common Prescription Drug Abuse Symptoms

Doctor shopping is the number one of the prescription drug abuse symptoms to look for when you suspect that someone you care for is suffering from a prescription drug abuse problem. He or she will go to several doctors, maybe even within a few miles, in order to get high quantities of drugs without raising any red flags. During these visits, the user may lie about pain that they are having and other problems in their life that do not even exist.

Financial problems are another  one of the symptoms of prescription drug abuse. They no longer care about work or success and they use drugs as their way of handling situations in their life. They may be evicted from their home for not paying the bills or they might also be caught stealing drugs from the drug stores, this is when problems with the law come into play.

A change in his or her mood is another common sign of prescription drug abuse. Your loved one may be happy one minute and ready to kill you the next for no apparent reason at all. This problem can cause fatal consequences as well as more problems with the law.

Get Help Today If You or Someone You Love is Battling Prescription Drug Abuse

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