Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse TreatmentUsually, people take prescription drugs because the doctor prescribes the medication to them for a medical reason. There is a rise in prescription drug abuse because people take the prescription medication for non-medical reasons or at least not how prescribed. This is a severe and growing problem.

When you abuse certain prescription drugs, it can lead to addiction to stimulants, sedatives and tranquilizers and narcotic painkillers. Doctors are prescribing more prescription drugs than ever for more health problems than ever before. While this is helping many around the world deal with health conditions, it is also causing an increase in the numbers of those finding themselves addicted to prescription drugs.

Reason Behind Prescription Drug Abuse

There are a variety of reasons that people begin abusing prescription drugs. Some start abusing them, because they want to get high, lose weight, study or work better, and even to fit in with their “friends.” Though these are commons reasons, people begin abusing prescription drugs, some start as innocently as using their medication as prescribed. Some medications can cause withdrawal symptoms even after only a few uses. To avoid these symptoms, some users will continue using, even despite their doctor’s guidance to stop. Another leading cause of prescription drug abuse and addiction is the medication tolerance that builds up over time.  When a user’s tolerance builds up, and they want to continue getting the same effects, they will either have to increase their dosage or shorten the time periods between when each dosage is taken. This process increases the tolerance and strengthens the withdrawal symptoms, which in return will increase the addiction.

Prescription drugs are easier to get a hold of than street drugs. Lots of times family and friends have the prescription drug at their homes which make it easy access. Many of those who abuse prescription drugs, purchase them on the streets in the same methods as other illegal drugs are obtained.

Lots of people think that prescription drugs are safer and less addictive that street drugs, but the truth is that they are only safe for the person that they were prescribed to. The reason is that the doctor examined and gave them the correct dose for a particular medical condition.The doctor tells them how to take the medication and not what to take such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or taking other medications. They are also told about dangerous side effects, and they monitor the patients closely.

Getting Professional Help

Call us today and get help putting an end to prescription drug abuse. Our professionals will help you or your loved one find the best program for your unique needs and situation. The specialists at Rehab Help will listen to your needs and desires in a treatment program, and go through the numerous options to find the program that will work best.

Many believe that prescription drug abuse is not as serious as the abuse of an illegal drug, such as cocaine. This is far from the truth. Many will continue battling prescription drug abuse or addiction problems because they do not feel their health is threatened, but this is far from the reality.

If you or someone you love are battling a prescription drug abuse or addiction problem, there is help. Let our professionals get you the help you deserve and need to enjoy a brighter future that is not focused on any drugs or alcohol.

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