Treatment Methods

There are millions of people today living with an addiction and for the most part, many of them do not know about the various treatment methods or do not realize that they can take part in creating their own personalized path to recovery.

The best way to get the most out of your addiction treatment is to research the options available and ask as many questions as you need to before making a decision. Most facilities have a 24-hour toll free number that you can use to find out more about their programs. Many facilities have websites that explain their treatment programs to help you make a more informed decision.

Types of Treatment Methods

There are hundreds of facilities that offer treatment methods such as traditional, holistic, or faith-based programs. Each facility has their own philosophies and protocols, but the best facility for you will be one that offers a flexible program that can be adapted to your specific needs and preferences.

Holistic Methods

Effective Holistic TreatmentHolistic treatment is based on a natural approach to healing. Unlike other programs, the holistic drug rehab program utilizes a personalized diet that is both nutritional and organic to help your body repair the damage done by drugs or alcohol. Daily exercise such as yoga, martial arts and cardio are utilized to help your body heal from the addiction as well as introducing you to a new hobby that can be of benefit even after you leave the program.

Holistic pain remedies are natural and proven to be successful in helping a person overcome uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Another important aspect of holistic methods is that you are given time each day for meditation and relaxation. You interact with others that are going through the same trials  and communicate with them during daily group counseling sessions to learn some of their techniques for coping with daily trials during recovery. The support and guidance gained during these sessions will be valuable tools to use as you progress through the program.

The goal of holistic programs is to help you heal physically, mentally and spiritually. Addiction is a complex condition composed of emotional and physical dependence on the substance involved. The best way to recover completely is to enroll in a program that is designed to address each specific aspect of addiction. Becoming physically cleansed of the substance is not a cure. The behavioral, emotional, and  spiritual damage must also be healed in order to restore self-esteem and confidence that will be needed when you exit the program and attempt to claim your place in society as a drug-free individual.

Traditional Methods

Traditional treatment is one of the most popular of the treatment options available to the public today because it gets right to the point. You go into this program with the intent to do one thing, which is to recover from addiction. During medical drug rehab there are several basic steps that allow you to have the advantage over your addiction for a lifelong recovery. These stages include:

  • Detox – This stage is designed to help you slowly rid your body of the physical addiction to drugs. Detox can last about one month depending on the severity of your addiction and the substance involved. During this time you receive 24-hour monitoring on a daily basis to help manage and control withdrawal symptoms and to overcome your addiction with as little discomfort as possible.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This stage in traditional treatment will help you learn more about your addiction and see how it has negatively affected your life. Group and individual counseling is part of this treatment option.
  • Behavioral Modification Therapy – This stage of treatment provides the necessary tools and guidelines needed to help you remain sober long-term. Learning new ways of dealing with the stress of daily life will help you avoid temptation to eliminate the chance of relapse.

Faith-Based Methods

Many religious individuals fall into a life of addiction, and for this reason, there is now a treatment option that focuses on helping them recover from their addictions with a program specifically created to help them heal spiritually. In a faith-based program you are able to draw strength from your religious convictions with daily prayer or meditation sessions, weekly church services and guidance counselors that follow the same faith. As you progress through the program, you reconnect with the spirituality that was lost during the addiction and gain new perspective on life without drugs present.

Types of Faith Based Treatment Methods:

  • Baptist
  • Buddhism
  • Catholic
  • Christian
  • Disciples of Christ
  • Episcopalian
  • Full Gospel
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Jehovah’s Witness
  • Jewish Christians
  • Judaism
  • Lutheran
  • Mennonite
  • Methodist / Wesleyan
  • Mormon / Latter-day Saints / LDS
  • Native American Drug Rehab
  • Non-Denominational
  • Presbyterian
  • Protestant
  • Seventh-Day Adventist
  • Spiritual Drug Rehab

Treatment Programs are Designed to Make the Process Comfortable, Safe, and Effective

Addiction treatment does not have to be cold, impersonal or cruel. Treatment programs today are designed to make the process comfortable, safe, and effective. Soothing environments, nutritional food, compassionate staff and lasting results are now available.

With all of the treatment methods available today, it might be difficult to determine which one will work best for you. To learn more about the programs or to begin planning your ideal treatment program, call today. One of our addiction specialists are available to answer your questions and recommend a program specifically for your needs.

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