Medical Drug Rehab ProcessMedical/traditional drug rehab is a program where the individual receives treatments that are medically performed. Even though these treatments are used in other approaches for rehab, medical rehab completely focuses on an individual’s addiction and how he or she can become addiction-free using various traditional and medical practices.

The Medical Drug Rehab Process

Medical drug rehab treatment varies from rehab center to rehab center, but there is a very common practice. When you enter medical/traditional drug rehab, the first step is detoxification.  During detox you will be monitored 24-hours a day and can receive medication to help deal with the discomforts of withdrawal. After successful detox, you attend learning and development classes where the instructors teach you about addiction and how it affected your mind and body.

Medical drug rehab programs have only one purpose and that is to make sure that the person safely recovers from addiction with as few complications as possible. This program option is the main one offered as a basic drug rehab choice.  Although this type of drug rehab is beneficial for a person recovering from addiction, it does not allow much flexibility for personalization of the program that might enhance a person’s success.

Other Options for Recovery

Medical and traditional programs are not the only pathways to recovery. There are a multitude of treatment options, including holistic and faith-based treatment programs.

Holistic treatment programs are used to help the addict recover from addiction in natural and non-medical practices. This program utilizes such treatment options as yoga, acupuncture, therapy, exercise, nutritional guidance, music and hot tub relaxation.

Faith-based programs offer clients an opportunity to recover from addiction, while growing in their faith. These programs offer Bible studies and counseling from over a multitude of religions that help promote an overall healing from addiction.


It is best to choose a program that will best address your issues and offer options that will heal you in a multitude of areas. If you or someone you care for is living with an addiction problem, consider drug treatment as a great way to help you safely overcome addiction under the supervision of professionals and with a comforting environment.

Before the program begins, you will be evaluated to determine the best treatment protocol for your specific situation based on the substance you are abusing, your medical history, and the duration of the addiction. This is to ensure that you get the best treatment possible to achieve successful recovery.

Call today and we will help you find the right program for you or your loved one. We will narrow down the countless options to provide you with the best choices to address your preferences. Take the first step to getting help and let us help you overcome your addiction.

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