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When it comes to overcoming an addiction, there is no specific program that is best for everyone. The best program for a person is one that best addresses their needs and unique preferences. The Native American drug rehab track, often referred to as the Indigenous track, gives recovering individuals a chance to explore recovery in a deep cultured-based track that promotes recovery and healing.

This addiction treatment track focuses on a culturally based recovery developed by the White Bison, Inc. for the Native American Wellbriety movement. This track utilizes “Talking Circles” and is led by a certified counselor, and other unique treatment methods that may vary from treatment center to center.

This track may be appropriate for those who are not receptive to the typical rehab programs or someone who is not comfortable in faith-based programs, but may be looking for something spiritual to help them find their way to recovery.  Also, if you are just looking to enhance your current treatment program, the Indigenous track may be the right choice for you.

Treatment With a Cultural Approach

Native American drug rehab treatmentThe core materials of this program were developed and specifically tailored to the Native American culture to encourage wellness and healing in all aspects of life including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Those that choose this particular track are encouraged to attend Sweat Lodge ceremonies and engage in other cultural activities and ceremonies.

Certified Native counselors are there to ensure that clients can move past their addiction and grow spiritually, rebuilding the bonds they have with their culture and make sure that individuals are ready to join or start the Wellbriety Circles in their home community to further enhance and sustain their sobriety and long-term wellness.

A Chance to Choose Your Own Path to Recovery

Everyone is different and has to find their own path toward recovery in order to better understand and sustain it. The goal of each treatment program should be to help you regain control of your life and begin a new era of growth, free from drugs and alcohol.

If you are ready to seek help from a non-traditional treatment program, call today to learn more about Native American drug rehab and other programs available. Our specialists can give you more information about treatment option varieties and help connect you with a center that will best serve your unique needs.

Get Your Life Back From Addiction

If you are looking to get your life back from addiction, take this chance to choose your own path to recovery and enjoy an overall and complete healing.

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